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Specifications Suzuki Ertiga

Specifications Suzuki Ertiga

Suzuki Ertiga MPV type car with a passenger capacity of 7 people, this car is the latest release in 2012 from Suzuki, Suzuki Ertiga began to be marketed in Indonesia in May 2012, while the car is already in Launching April 28 last 2012.yang estimated Suzuki Ertiga will become rivals Avanza and Xenia, Suzuki Ertiga which also entered the same market segment Xenia and Avanza. Suzuki Ertiga MPV predicted that would be sold because it is tailored to the tastes of the public
Suzuki Ertiga Indonesia which developed from the second generation shift is more agile, aggressive, new design, easy to control, fuel efficient, and have a seat 3 rows with 7 passengers (marketing manager said when launching the suzuki).
Suzuki Ertiga uses premium fuel cylinder 1400 cc with fuel supply using multipoint injection system and produce power of 95 PS / 6,000 rpm torque of 130 Nm at 4000 rpm which when compared to the 1.3 avanza car is almost equal power. Suzuki Ertiga still using the 5-speed manual transmission, this may be because it has not issued its automatic transmission where the future is very possible Suzuki Ertiga will also equip with automatic transmission.

Interior Suzuki Ertiga include: design of the car seat is higher so that passengers will feel the car driven wider and more visibility. Besides Suzuki Ertiga also features Electric Power Steering, Dual Airbag, Keyless Entry & Immobilizer, Anti-Lock Brake System.
For Suzuki Ertiga starts selling price of 143 million rupiah to 165 million rupiah (on the road). Type Suzuki Ertiga there are 3 types namely GA, GL and GX with 8 color options.
Some cars MPV Ertiga competing in the class include:
1. Toyota Avanza Veloz (see review)
2. Nissan Evalia (see review)
3. Nissan Grand Livina Highway Star (see review)
4. APV (see review)
5. GranMax Minibus (see review)
Also read about suzuki products are ready to come out in 2013:
1. New Grand Vitara Facelift (see review)
2. Suzuki Jimny Facelift (see review)
3. Suzuki Ertiga Matic (see review)

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