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Excess latest Suzuki Ertiga MPV 2012

Excess latest Suzuki Ertiga MPV 2012

Suzuki Ertiga is a new breakthrough in low MPV Indonesian market, having previously issued suzuki APV. This car is an MPV type car with a capacity of 7 passengers are segmented in the middle to lower, this car rivals in the same market segment is yan and avanza xenia respectively issued by Toyota and Daihatsu. With prices ranging from 140 million to 165 million it predicted this car would be enough demand in the market, starting in May 2012 Suzuki Ertiga can already be ordered (indent), Ertiga Suzuki itself has 3 types-GA GL and GX with 8 color options. Ertiga Suzuki Swift models developed from generation 2 which has the advantage of easily controllable aggressive agile and fuel economy.

Suzuki Ertiga has a cylinder engine with 1400 cc and fuel supply system uses multipoint injection, the car itself is able to generate power of 95 PS at 6000 rpm, 130 Nm of torque also at 4000 rpm, manual transmission and engine capacity that is not too big of embedded This completes the identity Ertiga car as a low end car at a low price and fuel economy as well as safety and comfort aspects subordinated image of luxury cars on car owners.
Cheap price Ertiga Suzuki mainstay in entering the Indonesian market MPV, features relatively little is compensation from the relatively cheap price of this car, but besides that all Ertiga Suzuki still has the edge as a new car. Various advantages include:
1. Able to carry 7 passengers, with a 1400 cc engine capacity and price of 140 million is able to accommodate seven passengers is quite good despite the modest comfort, not so good but not too bad. Manual transmission is an attempt to overcome his shortcomings Ertiga Suzuki engine that can go more aggressive.
2. The exterior looks stylish and luxurious with the front display Multi-reflector halogen lamp, fog lamp fitted, body appearance and aerodynamic side tire alloy wheels 185/65 R15
3. The interior has also been adjusted to look more stylish with the steering system and electric power steering and tilt steering audio switches on the steering wheel to the type GX. The interior is equipped with a temperature gauge outside the cabin and control the use of fuel when the driver bring the vehicle to inefficient or wasteful of fuel.
4. Ertiga cabin is more spacious, with a deliberately design space wide on head room and leg room in which it i

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